Misty (mewmew) wrote in duckiepics,

Another new batch of duckies!

Mom should have kept quiet. She went shopping with my grandma to get a couple little things for the house, and saw some rubber duckies. So, she told me about them and I had her take me to Kmart so I could see them for myself. And, I ended up buying several. Heh. And I have more on the way, too. These ducks are taking over my house!

These little guys came from the bookstore. I'd seen them several times before and just never had the money, so I finally bought them this time around. It came as a set of the two ducks, and a small book about rubber duckies.

I'm not sure where this little guy came from. Mom found him while going through some boxes. I can't seem to get a good pic of him, but he's cute. ^_^

More Peeps! These ones aren't squeaky like the yellow one I have. They're supposed to be bubble blowers, but I took the bubble wand out of them. Now the poor things have holes in their necks. I'm trying to think of a good way to cover the holes so they don't look so strange, without doing anything permanent to the Peeps. I want to be able to put the bubble wands back in if I ever want to use them that way.

Pirates! The big one is named Ragetti, after the wooden-eyed pirate from the POTC movies. The little ones don't have names yet.

Three families, all in different colors. If you look, you can see that one of each baby from these three sets and the pirates, have something around their necks. That's so I can tell them apart if/when I come up with names for them. The babies look exactly the same, and I need some way to tell them apart, and I again don't want to do anything permanent to them, so they "collars". ^_^

And something I noticed in the store, is that the babies of the above sets look just like Roadkill, the little duck I found by the side of the road!

So now Roadkill has a whole bunch of long-lost siblings to play with!

Before I got most of the duckies shown above, I took my old ones out for another photoshoot. I didn't get many pictures because the ground was still soft and damp from all the snow and ice melting, and I didn't want to slip and lose somebody, but I got a couple cute pics. ^_^

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