Misty (mewmew) wrote in duckiepics,

More new duckies!

Got in the latest ducks that I ordered last week. ^_^ Nine all together, though 6 of them came as a set.

Devil Duckies. How big do you think they are? Hehe.

One of the devil ducks against the biggest and smallest of those I had before they arrived. You can kinda see some VHS tapes in the container they're on, to help with a size reference. They're so tiny and cute!

Taste the rainbow! XD Because of their rainbow colors, I've decided to call them the Skittles duckies. Skittles red, orange, yellow, etc. Having them on the desk, I see them out of the corner of my eye and think I have skittles on the desk. I just hope I don't eat one by accident. :p

The other three members of the family. A deer duck, shamrock, and clown! Or, it looks like something a clown would wear. ^_^ The shamrock and deer can squirt water from their mouths.

All the new duckies together. I'll take pics of them with the older members later on.
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