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New duckies!

*I wish this plac were a little more active :( *

No pics or anything yet, but I have new duckies! And one more planned real soon. At the store I work at the Non-Foods manager got in a bunch of little ducks that light up when you touch little sensors on the bottom, or put them in water. They wear sunglasses and came in four colors, so I got one of each color. I got their "big sisters" last year. Same style ducks, but bigger and without the sunglasses. They have eyelashes instead. I also plan to get another duck that not only lights up when you touch the bottom or put it in water, but it quacks, too!

You won't be able to hear the quacking because my camera doesn't have a microphone, but I plan to run some water in the tub and make a little video of everyone flashing away. When I do, I'll post it up here. ^_^ I need to gather everyone up and take them out for another photoshoot soon, too. But, my camera doesn't work so well anymore after being dropped a couple times. XD So, I need to get a new camera soon to make picture taking easier.
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